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Are you anxious about the direction your life seems to be headed? Are you having trouble handling conflict or dealing with issues in an important relationship? Does the loss of an old relationship still seem to have a grip on you? At Embark Counseling, I believe counseling should go beyond insight and lead to solutions so that change can occur.

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Couples Counseling

Whether you are dealing with communication issues, feelings of disconnect, loss of intimacy, or another major hardship in your relationship, couples counseling can help you build the tools to get back on track.



Transitions are part of life and often come with uncertainty and a slew of emotions. I will work with you through life’s transitions and help you deal with the stress and emotions that come with change.



If you are dealing with the aftermath of trauma, trying to overcome depression or anxiety, or even working through stress from a demanding job, I will work with you on your path to healing using various therapy techniques, including EMDR.


Diana Reinhart, LMFT-Associate, J.D.

As a lawyer turned therapist, I offer a unique perspective in my therapy practice. My main focus is to help people improve their relationships, work through life transitions, and heal trauma. I frequently work with professionals in demanding careers and can empathize with the challenges of a high-stress job.

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