Having Fun with Self-Care 

Self-care is the pathway to self-love. Why is self-care so important? When we take care of ourselves, our brains register that we are lovable and worthy of care, attention, and nurturing. The benefits of self-care are endless.

But what happens when just the thought of self-care seems overwhelming, like another task on an already full to-do list? Oftentimes it can result in a self-care breakdown. Viewing self-care as a homework assignment can shut us down fast.

One way out of this predicament and into practicing self-care is to remember that self-care includes play. Play invites positive emotions, lightness, and openness. It promotes resilience in the face of life’s difficulties. It provides opportunities to deepen bonds with loved ones. 

Play as self-care could look like a game night with your partner or friends, dancing in the living room by yourself or with your kids, or going to a comedy show. Really, it can be anything that feels fun and playful.

I have seen so many people struggle with feeling like a failure at self-care. Not meditating, journaling, or exercising as planned can lead to feelings of embarrassment or even shame.

It can be helpful to remember that self-care can be a lot of things. It looks different for everyone. Being playful is often overlooked as a strategy, but it works.

If you need help with self-love and self-care but don’t know where to start, call me today and let’s work on this together.