3 Tips for Getting Through the Holiday Season

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It’s almost the Holiday Season—that time of year when crazy schedules often get even more insane. Wondering how you are going to make it through the holidays? Here are three tips on how to beat holiday stress:

1. Don’t automatically say yes to everything asked of you.  

Many of us live on autopilot saying yes to things without even thinking about whether or not we can handle the task. Can you bake some cookies for the cookie exchange? Yes! Can you come over on the 23rd? Yes! Can you wrap my gifts too? Yes!  

Why do we do this? A lot of times we commit without stopping to pause and think about whether we really want to say yes. This is particularly true if it involves something that happens every year, we are people pleasers, or we are worried no one else can do the job as well as we can.

This year, consider slowing down and being more mindful about what gets a yes and what gets a no. Notice when you find yourself about to say yes and decide whether you really want to do what you are saying yes to.

2. Plan ahead.

Think about your options for the holiday season and how they line up with your values. Do you value family time, giving back, travel, exploring the outdoors? Brainstorm activities that align with what’s important to you and then say yes when one of those activities comes up, but say no to things that you don’t find value in.  

You are creating a menu of what’s possible. And it’s not too soon to start. Planning ahead also boosts happiness because it gives you things to look forward to.

3. Prioritize and commit.

You have your menu of options. Now choose the top three that are most important and put them on the calendar. And do them!

Doing what’s most important gives us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction even if the smaller things don’t work out.  We know we’ve done what matters most. We can relish those things and create memories.   

What’s your plan for the holidays? Want more strategies for self-care and de-stressing? Read some of my other blogs or reach out to make an appointment today.