Do you feel stuck in your relationship?

Are you and your partner dealing with communication issues or just feel completely disconnected? Do you feel like you have tried everything to fix your relationship but nothing works?

When it comes to relationships, no two couples are the same. Every relationship has its own unique challenges, patterns, and cycles. Sometimes the difficulties lead to stagnation, distance, and feelings of hopelessness. This is when couples counseling can help. As a couples’ therapist, I approach each and every relationship with an open mind—tailoring therapy to addresses your specific situation and concerns—while staying focused on time-tested strategies.


Some of the issues we address in couples counseling include:

  • Difficulties communicating with your partner

  • Feelings of disconnect

  • Loss of intimacy or closeness

  • Issues of trust and emotional safety

  • Dealing with the emotions of blended families

  • The effect trauma can have on a couple

  • Conscious uncoupling

With couples counseling, you can learn to:

  • Communicate with your partner more effectively

  • Identify your relationship cycles and patterns

  • Figure out what makes you feel close to your partner and what creates distance

  • Decide what patterns in your relationship to change and what to keep

  • Identify and express your emotions in a safe way

  • Improve your sex life

Ready to make a commitment to yourself and recommit to your partner?

Contact Embark Counseling today and let’s get you both back to your happy place.

My work is primarily rooted in the research conducted by Drs. John and Julie Gottman and Dr. Sue Johnson. You can read more about these modalities here and here.